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Tesla estimated the homeowner would need 2,779 square feet of roofing, and suggested half solar and half non-solar tiles. The cost of the roof came in at $73,600, and the calculator recommended two Powerwalls, for an additional $12,500.

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This cost has been one of the reasons Tesla solar roof installations have been slow through the last half of 2018. However, while the upfront costs are expensive for Tesla solar roof customers, Tesla claims that the solar roof tiles will last a lifetime whereas conventional roofing materials might only last …

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And so today we have the Tesla solar panel roof tiles. How much do the solar shingles cost to install? The Tesla solar shingles currently cost $21.35 per square foot. The strange thing about the pricing of the Tesla solar panel roof shingles is that the active roof tiles containing solar cells are the same price as the non-active roof tiles.

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Musk: "It's a better product at a slightly better price". According to Tesla, the product will cost $21.85 per square foot for an average American home -- making it competitive with standard tile, metal or slate roofs. You can read more about Tesla's assumptions here. Speaking on a briefing call with reporters,...

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The cost of Solar Roof is less. The typical homeowner can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof,1 and benefit from a beautiful new roof that also increases the value of their home. Solar Roof uses two types of tiles—solar and non-solar. Looking at the roof from street level, the tiles look the same.

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Smooth and Textured Tile (Tesla's equivalent to asphalt tile) would need to cost less than $73,500, installed (or about $2,450 per 100 square feet); Slate Tile would need to cost less than $98,500 (or about $3,300 per 100 square feet).

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Here are some estimates on how much a Tesla Solar Roof will cost depending on the size of the home: 1.500 square feet (1 story) – $55,600. 1,500 square feet (2 story) – $29,500. 2.000 square feet (1 story) – $72,700. 2,000 square feet (2 story) – $38,300. 3,000 square feet (1 story) – $55,600. 3,000 square feet (2 story) – $106,600.

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(updated August 2018) The company has also released basic pricing information: customers can expect to pay around $21.85 per square foot for their solar roof. To compare the cost of the Tesla solar roof to a traditional solar system, check out our price comparison of Tesla's solar roof vs. traditional panels.

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When we add that to our initial $26,030 gross cost of a solar panel installation from Scenario 1, a new asphalt shingle roof and solar panels will cost $34,080 altogether. Tesla's Solar Roof costs an extra $16,870 for our California homeowner, equivalent to a 33 percent price premium for Tesla's attractive glass tiles.

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The loan amount is equal to the total Solar Roof cost, less the estimated 30% federal tax credit. The monthly loan payment is amortized over the selected loan term at the selected interest rate. Tesla is not a mortgage lender. Values depicted above are for illustrative purposes only.