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Clean the non-potable solar thermal side of the system including the solar thermal collectors and heat exchanger according to manufacturer's recommendations. Clean all piping by flushing the piping system with clean, potable water until dirty water does not appear at outlets.

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SB Gas Hybrid Water Heater Technical Specifications: SB1200-B Power Pack Technical Specifications: ... Troubleshooting Guide. Sun Bandit ... Sun Bandit ® vs Heat Pump: Sun Bandit ® vs Solar Water Heating: Certifications.


The manufacturer shall supply all technical literature and drawing considered. necessary for the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment and its. fittings. These shall essentially include:-. a) Drawing showing over all dimensions and all other details including. sectional view of the equipments.

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Adjustment and control of the solar system can be easily carried out. Illuminated system-monitoring-display. Up to 3 temperature sensors Pt1000. Solar operating hours counter. 1 basic solar system control with one tank and one collector field. Basic Pool Controller. Heat balancing, tube collector function. Energy metering.

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2.2 Contamination Protection: The storage tank is at city water pressure and the water will flow into the Solar Boiler module if there is a leak in the heat exchanger, diluting and dispelling the small volume of heat transfer fluid from the system. Propylene glycol is nontoxic food grade approved heat transfer fluid requiring a single wall heat exchanger.

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Each of the solar systems is to incorporate the existing electric water heating system as its auxiliary subsystem. In the event that the existing electric water heater is in need of repair or replacement, the contractor may propose to repair or replace the electric water heater under the scope of this project.

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Deepa's solar water heater is the most competitive alternative to conventional water heating methods such as electric geysers and fuel-fed boilers. ... 100 LPD Solar Water Heating System. Specifications For 01 System. System Make - DSSPL. ... COLLECTOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION.

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1442 Thermopile Gas Control (Vesta) Valve. 1442 Technical Bulletin. ABSTRACT: The Vesta Water Heater Control System is a low-power device designed to operate using the millivolt output of a thermopile placed in the pilot flame of the water heater.