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Metal halide HID, high pressure sodium HPS, or low-pressure sodium LPS lights are among some of the most common types of technology used for pole lights and parking lot fixtures that can benefit from an LED retrofit.

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LED Retrofit Kits are designed to replace existing HID or HPS systems in a variety of fixture applications such as parking lot lights. Featuring excellent optics for increased visibility and security with convex lens to evenly illuminate the area.

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Before and After — LED relight/retrofit. ... The parking lot lighting at the TD Convention Center is a prime example for the future of LED lighting.The parking area was lit with 400w HPS fixtures mounted in double configuration at 28 feet. These fixtures were replaced with Cimarron 90LED 210w fixtures on the existing poles.

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Typical 400W Metal Halide Shoebox New 120W LED Parking Lot Retrofit Light 1000W Metal Halide to 260W LED New LED Light Fixture " Retrofitting Your Existing Light Fixtures To An LED Light Is An Important Decision. These Lights Last For 10 Plus Years.

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There are many energy saving lighting retrofit kits out there for parking lots, shoebox fixtures, and large outdoor areas. These LED retrofit kits are some of the best on the market, with great specifications, good pricing, all the ratings you need for rebates, the most energy savings, and are typically kept in stock.

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Today the cost of a new LED parking lot light fixture is close to that of a LED Retrofit parking lot light. It depends upon the wattage and the voltage. The payback is usually under 2 years for most projects. True Story About Church In Anchorage, Alaska That Updated Their Parking Lot Lights.

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LED Parking Lot Lights. We have a wide selection of high quality lighting solutions for LED parking lot lights. Made to withstand the elements, they are the perfect companion to streets, parking lots …

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A: Today there is a vast assortment of LED lights available for each application. When we started we used a 7000 Lumen, 135W retrofit light to replace a 400W metal halide lamp in a parking lot shoe box fixture. Today we are using a 100 to 120W LED Retrofit light that puts out over 15,000 lumens to …

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LED parking lot lights may come with either a mounting arm or a slipfitter mounting bracket. Slipfitter mounts, sold separately, give you more flexibility and control over installation and light distribution by offering a broader range of angles than a stationary arm.

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We have LED shoebox fixtures, cobra-head-style fixtures, and flood lights available for your parking lot needs. If you prefer to keep your existing fixtures, we also have flat corn lights to replace screw-in HPS and metal halide lamps and LED retrofit kits specially made for parking lot light applications.