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PPM Testing and Inspection Regime for Lightning …

PPM Testing and Inspection Regime for Lightning Protection Systems Equipment Covered Structural Lightning Protection systems, Air Termination Networks, Down Conductors, Earth Termination Network and Bonding. Applicable Legislation The testing, inspection, recording and certification of the above equipment are completed in

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Lightning Protection Testing. Maximising your return on investment in earthing and lightning protection requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum system performance, and it is a legal requirement that lightning protection testing is carried out regularly.

Putting lightning protection to the test

Putting lightning protection to the test. 08 September 2015. Without good earth connections, even the most sophisticated of building lightning protection installations will be ineffective. However, the only way to ensure that the earth connections really are good is to test them. ... Lightning protection systems on many factory buildings ...

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Certification Testing "Master Installer" Series. This series of examinations is offered by LPI to individuals involved in the installation or sale of product for lightning protection systems (LPI company membership categories: Affiliate, Dealer/Contractor, Manufacturer, and Associate/Supplier).Testing qualifies an individual on the requirements of the Standards.

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Heightsafe System's Lightning Protection Technicians are fully qualified to test Lightning Conductor Systems to both of these British Standards. When testing a Lightning Conductor system, it is vital to take into account the seasonal variations. Therefore Heightsafe Systems recommends that retests are conducted every 11 months.

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Lightning Protection System Testing & Commissioning Method Statement including preparation before the testing requirements. ... Home / Electrical Method Statements / Lightning Protection System Testing & Commissioning Method Statement. ... Check the resistance-to-ground test of lightning protection system and record the results.

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Lightning protection systems have a remarkable record of protecting against physical danger to people, structural damage to buildings, and failure of internal systems and equipment. The value received begins with proper design, continues through quality installation practices, and must include inspection and certification.

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What is Lightning Testing and Protection? Any electronic component is potentially susceptible to lightning damage. As sophisticated navigation and communication systems come to play a larger role in maintaining safe flight operations, lightning testing is an increasingly important part of quality control for both military contractors and avionics equipment manufacturers.

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We are the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) accredited, nationally recognized testing laboratory offering Master Label® Certificate inspections for lightning protection systems.