how to make a solar powered led lights light

Make Your Own Solar Powered Led String Lights. ($5 Bucks ...

How to Make Solar Powered String Lights

Parts List You will require the following parts to make your own solar lights: White LEDs = 8 nos. (If intended for decorative purpose, colored LEDs may be used), Resistor (R1) 100Ω, ¼ watt, CFR = 1 no. Resistors 33Ω, ¼ watt, CFR = 8 nos. (If colored LEDs are used) IC 7806 = 1 no. Diodes (D1, D2) 1N4007 = 2 nos. Transistor (T1) 8550 = 1 no.

How to Make a Solar Powered Light | Sciencing

How To Build A Solar Powered Light. Set the charge controller's timer to adequately receive a full charge and then turn on the lights at a specific time. Mount the array on top of the pole. Attach the light to the pole at the desired height. Ensure all lead wires from the array and the light are connected to the charge controller after mounting, and then activate the controller.