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I want to thank you for your interest in solar energy. I understand the many reasons why you have contacted Helios Solar Energy LLC about your solar needs. I found my personal needs for solar to be very rewarding. I chose to install a solar hot water heating system and a PV system for my family for the following reasons:

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The Cost of a Solar Water Heater. A solar water heater is around $8,000 to $10,000 including installation, though the price tag could go well up from there depending on the size, quality, and complexity of the system.

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The GH system offers freeze protection to -17 o F. Kits include EZ-Connect panels, a stainless steel compact heat exchanger and even the solar glycol (heat transfer fluid). Will Work with almost ALL Residential Water Heaters

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Installing a solar energy system in a home with a solar water heater will harness the power of the sun for all of the hot water needs of the home. All in, these units start out far more expensive than the average price to install conventional water heaters, which run only about $1,000 .

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Active - Open Loop Pumped System. Helio-Flo is a solar water heating system designed for mild climates with good water quality. This design is efficient and lowers operating costs but is inappropriate if your water is hard or acidic because scale and corrosion quickly disable the system.

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Solar water Heater is designed to optimise the performance of the latest bathroom fittings, giving you the joy of high-pressure hot water bathing every day.The high quality glass enamelled tank and pressurised valve ensure water is safely delivered to your systems at the optimal pressure, By using the most advanced solar glass, the new ...

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Helios Agrosol Ltd is a Kenyan based company offering complete solar water heating solutions for all applications. We offer products of high quality and enduring value which ensures healthy development of customer relationships.

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Storage Tanks Storage Water Heaters Mounting Systems Solar Collectors High performance solar thermal collectors with areas from 1.25 sqm to 2.5 sqm. The solar collectors are of high aesthetics and functionality specifically designed for the Kenyan climate.

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Today's solar hot water technologies can be operated efficiently and affordably in any climate. Systems are specifically designed for various climatic and geographical areas of the country. Reduce Energy Costs. By installing a solar hot water system, a typical household can meet 50 to 80% of their hot water needs.