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Attic Breeze solar attic fans, solar gable fans, solar roof vents, and solar attic vents are best in class professional grade solar powered ventilation products, made in the USA and featuring our best in industry lifetime warranty.

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Benefits of a Quality Solar Attic Ventilation Fan. Texas Windstorm Certified & Tested (ASTM-E330) Florida (Miami-Dade County Performance Test) Certified & Tested (TAS100a-95) Converts passive ventilation to active. Includes thermostat & FireFuse. Extends the life of your roof and AC. Reduces moisture which reduces mold & mildew.

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Natural Light solar fans use ABS plastic, but have a 25-year limited warranty to back them up. The Natural Light solar panel is adjustable from flat up to a 45-degree angle, or you can detach it and mount it remotely for best sun exposure.

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The peak on the le... This 30W solar attic fan was installed in a 20 x 14 foot lean-to chicken coop. The peak on the lean to side is 25 feet at the peak. Hot air gathered at the peak and rolled down keeping the coop hot despite having windows and a coop door open.

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The Remington Solar attic fan is American-design and uses a coated steel design. Unlike other models, this fan comes with a built in thermostat and humidstat (vs. an add-on for other models). The Remington Solar attic fan comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty, although it is unclear how long that lasts.

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Attic Breeze solar attic fans are best in class, professional grade ventilation products. As a best in class product with an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY, Attic Breeze is a trusted brand among homeowners and professional contractors alike.

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#2. View on Amazon. The Remington Solar Powered Attic Fan comes in a close second as our pick for the best solar attic fan. Remington Solar is another high-quality manufacturer of solar attic fans, which come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

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With all metal zincalume alloy construction, commercial-grade monocrystalline solar panels, and UltraFlo® design technology, Attic Breeze manufactures the highest quality, most durable solar attic fans available. We manufacture our products right here in the USA because American made matters when it comes to long lasting product...

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Solar Attic Fans with a Lifetime Warranty Control Your Heat and Humidity with a Solar Attic Fan from Collis Roofing. The Attic Breeze and the Breeze Mate Solar Ventilation puts ventilation control in your hands controlling the temperature and humidity in your attic or garage, allowing full control over fan operation with an in home control just like your thermostat.