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Alpen High Performance Products is listening to the Passive House community and focused on providing innovative solutions best suited to meet the varying needs of Passive House projects throughout North America. Alpen high performance windows are domestically manufactured with shorter lead times than other Passive House window options.

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What Exactly Is Active vs Passive Solar? The difference between active vs passive solar can get confusing. ... large south facing windows to let in warm sunlight in winter, greenhouses, and sunrooms are easy examples. ... Best Solar Panels. Solar Windows Cost. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a Comment:

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Each layer of glass and low-e coating will decrease the solar gain, but will also increase heat lost through the window. Some people use windows without low-e coatings for solar gain. The better window companies will use specific coatings for windows intended for solar gain vs thermal retention. There are trade-offs for all the options.

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considered the five elements of passive solar design: 1. Aperture (Windows) – Windows should face within 30 degrees ... passive design will rely on natural heat transfer, but some applications use ... and blowers to help distribute heat. Guide to Passive Solar Home Design By using the basic physical characteristics and layout of your home ...

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Windows used for passive solar gain should also have a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). A rating from 0 to 1, SHGC indicates the amount of solar energy that passes through a window. The higher the number, the more solar heat the window allows to enter. If you are in a cold climate, buy windows with SHGC of 0.5 or higher.

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In passive solar homes the area of the south facing glazing is 7-12% of the floor area. This amount of glazing requires the use of thermal mass to temper the heat gain. A home with increased southern glazing up to 7% is considered sun-tempered and can be effective with out the use of thermal mass.

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We have a passive solar house in northern New Mexico and we need to replace our 19 4'x6′ clerestory windows. We seem to have the choice between clear glass double pane windows, or Low E windows with an SHGC of .29 and a U factor of .31.

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The most common isolated-gain passive solar home design is a sunspace that can be closed off from the house with doors, windows, and other operable openings. Also known as a sunroom, solar room, or solarium, a sunspace can be included in a new home design or added to an existing home.

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We are by no means experts when it comes to window selection for best passive solar home design and function. Depending on your location, budget and climate, what works for us may not work for you.

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The best part: passive solar design can be done with zero extra upfront costs. Start with a site with good solar exposure. Not every building site or lot is suitable for passive solar design. Strategies will vary depending on latitude, material selection, design, and site conditions. These methods are adjustable to fit one's site and needs.